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Across Peru in 10 days 28.01.2012
Machu Picchu 16.01.2012
Cusco and the Sacred Valley 15.01.2012
The secrets of Nazca 10.01.2012
Bodegas and Buggies in Ica, Peru 07.01.2012
Wrapping up Colombia, On to Peru! 04.01.2012
Christmas in Medellin 26.12.2011
Football Frenzy and Taganga Tranquility 10.12.2011
Castles and Torture 06.12.2011
Carrr-tagena 29.11.2011
The Voyage of the Stahlratte 26.11.2011
A day at the mall, a night on the town 20.11.2011
Panamanian Panorama 18.11.2011
A man, a plan, a travel blog: Panama?! 15.11.2011
Kevin gets a haircut from Liz 08.11.2011
Dominicalito, Playa Hermosa, and other odds and ends 05.11.2011
The Nauyaca Waterfall 01.11.2011
Dominical Rocks 31.10.2011
Birthdays and Blues Festivals and Beaches, oh my! 28.10.2011
Oh, Gra-na-da! 22.10.2011
El Zopilote 18.10.2011
The Land of Butterflies and Rain 17.10.2011
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua 13.10.2011
Samara send off 13.10.2011
Tutti Frutti Samara Love 09.10.2011
Celebrating Month-a-versaries abroad 06.10.2011
Tastes like Grape Sand 04.10.2011
4 Person Coco Loco 01.10.2011
Things are working out 29.09.2011
Samara's quirky sights 27.09.2011
Adios Tamarindo, Hola Samara! 25.09.2011
The beachside adventures of Kung Fu and Skinny 23.09.2011
Playing hookey in the parkey 21.09.2011
The beginning of our journey 20.09.2011
One final challenge 14.09.2011
A Few of My Favorite Things 12.09.2011
What's up with English? 09.09.2011
Packing Lists and Accommodations in San Jose 07.09.2011
Our plans 06.09.2011
Two weeks to lift off 06.09.2011