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A Few of My Favorite Things

Or, All the great New Hampshire stuff we'll miss

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When preparing to leave New England for seven months, one of the last things one thinks of is all the wonderfully quirky cultural tidbits that have convinced us to make the Live Free or Die state our permanent dwelling place.

To wit:

  • Milly's pumpkin beer in a rimmed glass


  • Apple-picking, apple pie, apple crisp, and mulled apple cider


  • Running along the Goffstown Rail Trail and swimming in Namaske Lake, just outside our back and front door, respectively


  • Sunday blues jam at the Village Trestle


  • The first snowfall and snowshoeing up Mt. Uncanoonuc


  • The unique zaniness of New Hampshire's presidential primary


After the flurry of securing passports, booking tickets, reading travel guides, and setting up automatic bill pay, one can finally contemplate the special bites.tm

  • "Special bites" is a term that Stuart Ritter and I made up on the top of Pedernal mountain in New Mexico while in Boy Scouts, probably around the summer of 1993. We were sharing a batch of re-hydrated chili out of a pouch. This brand of chili was, oddly-enough, meatless. (A fact I found distressing; Stuart it seemed, didn't realize that chili is, ipso facto, a meat dish.) We decided to add small chunks of his superb home-made beef jerky. Thus, bites that contained said meat were termed "special bites."

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